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The products distributed by Behpakhsh, As the largest Iranian commodity distributor.

Behpakhsh Company is a Public Joint stock and started operating in 1955 and it changed name to Behpakhsh under registration number 15137 in November 1972.

Enjoying an experience of over 55 years in distribution of essential transportation fleet. Behpakhsh Company offers the products of companies like Paksan, Behpak, Margarin and other industrial groups and producers. The products of the aforesaid companies are provided by BehPakhsh to 260 cooperatives, 80.000 active sale agents in retail shops" pharmacies, supermarkets and rural and tribal cooperatives in over 600 townships, it has 28 centers all over the country.


The company built its reputation for excellence in the marketing and distribution of foodstuff and consumable products by increasing brands, market shares, and is now positioned number one in terms of turnover volume and the number of cartons delivered, after developing full coverage across Iran.

Backed by an extensive 430-vehicle strong infrastructure in the Iran, the supply chain handles more than 650,000tons, are sent to more than 69,000 customers in year 2016 across Iran

- its impressive list of clients appears almost endless.

In accordance with the reports and statistics available in ministry of commerce this company was recognized as the top most distributor with over 400.000 tons of distribution volume in 1995 and 600.000 tons of distribution volume in 2014. the distribution included various essential goods, rationed items and free items. In year 2015 - 2016 was 670.000 tons of distribiution volume a new record for the company.

Behpakhsh received international quality management certificate ISO 9000 version 2000 in 2004 and has ever since maintained the same.


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Central office:

Central office:

Behpakhsh Co.

Azadi, Ostad Moein street 172

Tehran, Iran


Central office:

Azadi, Ostad Moein street 172

Tehran, Iran


Tel.:  +98 21 / 6605 3547

Fax: +98 21 / 6091 2429


Europe Office:

Berliner Allee 23

40212 Düsseldorf



Tel:  +49 211 / 513 699 60

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