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To provide for an optimal distribution of products of its suppliers Behpakhsh has classified the products in its commodity basket into some classes :

    1. Products of Holding groups

    2. Hygenic products

    3. Commodity category 1

    4. Commodity category 2

It should be noted that Behpakhsh company is currently developing commodity category 2 considering the increase in diversity of the products it distributes.


In the food, home and personal products segments, the company offers a plethora of regionally and Nationally produced lined.

Business has remained robust in the face of intense competition as “we take an active stance in our brands’ marketing, the principal and ourselves,” by designing and developing consumer promotions tailored to local market needs.

The products distributed by Behpakhsh


Behpakhsh Company distributes food products such as edibale oil, suger, detergents and hygiene items such as, soaps, detergent powders, dishwashing machine powders, toothpaste, shampoo , hand washing liquids, bleaching liquids, etc.



General Information of surface area of Branches all over the country

1- Capabilities & Potentials

- It is among the largest commodity supplying and distribution companies in Iran and the region middle Esat. 
- It has an experience of over half a century and specialist and skilled staff members of both distribution and sale divisions. 
- it is the exclusive supplier of the products of foods industrial Development Group.
- A broad geographical scope of activity within the country. 
- Having available all logistic possibilities and human sources for a capillary sale and distribution in line with the timely maintenance of customer demand.

2- Functionalities

Behpakhsh Company has been computerised since 1971 and it has continuously provided training for it's staff by holding proper courses and seminars both domestically and internationally.

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Central office:

Central office:

Behpakhsh Co.

Azadi, Ostad Moein street 172

Tehran, Iran


Central office:

Azadi, Ostad Moein street 172

Tehran, Iran


Tel.:  +98 21 / 6605 3547

Fax: +98 21 / 6091 2429


Europe Office:

Berliner Allee 23

40212 Düsseldorf



Tel:  +49 211 / 513 699 60

Fax: +49 211 / 513 699 62