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Strategy - Mission

Our strategy is to add three to five brands every year, and over the past three and a half years, we have doubled our business in terms of value. The market in Iran is believed to have grown by 40% over the past three years.

“Approximately 95% of the products we distribute are branded, such as PAKSAN, ARIAMELLAL BEHPAK, MARGARIN Brands... more than 1140 products, and we have a good relationship with key accounts coops such as SHAHRVAND ,REFAH, SEPAH, ETKA and CARREFOUR. We have several market leaders and we have the muscle to sign the best deals.

To increase the pace of its international expansion, BITCo. has invested heavily in technology to drive down costs and increase margins. Handheld terminals deliver daily sales and distribution reports, and organise the 30 customers daily routh plan, call cycle reviews, promotion analyses and efficiency rates.

“Another key strength of ours is our workforce, there are people who have been working here for more than 20 years. Bringing in fresh talent is something that we take that very seriously as a local company, we are developing young blood.


A - Perspective

Maintenance of its existing status and position as the top most distributor and supplier of food stuff and hygiene items in Iran and the region.


B - Mission

Development and continuous promotion of activities through distribution of abroad range of products of domestic and international companies with the aim of creation of a proper and reliable commodity basket in line with the creation of a reasonable stable profit for beneficiaries creation of a proper marketing, supplier and customer relation system with the purpose of provision of an optimal service and promotion of customer satisfaction.
Bringing an increase of profitability to various organizational areas and divisions through the promotion of capabilities of human resources and creation of a learning and acquisitive organization in line with the economic developments both in domestic and international areas.


C- Strategy and plans

1 - Development, creation and registration of new commodity brands of both local and foreign origins for the same to be supplied and distributed within the region with aim of completion of commodity basket in vesper of the stable products lacking specific brands.

2 Development and operation of diversified distribution and sale channels appropriate to the place of sale and type of commodity

- Evaluation and assessment of common sale methods such as hot sales, cash van, presales, direct sales, cash & carry etc.
- An assessment of strong and weak points of the methods considering the elements taking a role in decision making (kind to commodity sale zone time, quality cost……) 
- Evaluation and adoption of proper supply channels 
- Development of a time- schedule for implementation and improvement of individual supply channels.

3 Development of logistic management methods for an increase of safety margin in proper maintenance and timely supplying of commodity to the customers.
- Development of transportation methods in supplying to retail outlets and direct customers (railway transport, in bulk intercity transport by transportation companies,etc).

4 An increase in profitability taking such initiatives as cost management, resource management, long-term and middle-term consumptions and financing methods.

5 To become an company taking a proper use of information technology.

- Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. 
- Development of business intelligence tools for monitoring performance indices and supporting managerial decisions.
- Implementation of customer relations management (CRM) electronic system . 
- Employment of proper devices of online registration of customer orders . 
- Use of internet infrastructures for the acquisition of information on customer demands and reception of customer orders . 
- Implementation of supplier relations electronic system with a supply chain management approach.SCM 
- Connection of ERP system with suppliers systems.

6 - Development and promotion of a management system and implementation of a proper organizational performance monitoring and measurement system.

- maintenance , development and implementation of management system . 
- Development and quality promotion of quality management
- employment of organizational improvement models 
- A review and assessment of development of a proper organizational performance measurement system. 
- Establishment of a managerial monitoring system for evaluation of process and objectives.
- Performance assessment of branches ( both on the obligations assigned and on the performance of individual units) . 
- Establishment and development of individual performance evaluation and stimulus assessment system.

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Central office:

Behpakhsh Co.

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Central office:

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